RECAPS Filling Tool Holder Compatible with Nespresso Original Line Coffee Pods1 Holder and 60 Lids (Empty Pods and Tamper are Not Included)
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RECAPS Filling Tool Holder for Refillable Coffee Filters Compatible with Nespresso

Our coffee pod holder is compatible with Nespresso Brewers which could help you fill your own coffee pods easily.

With our stickers and holder, you just need fill your grinds into a used empty original pod and then stick fully as a new one.

Instructions for using the holder

1:Place the empty coffee filter on the refill holder.

2:Place the refill funnel on the top of the empty pod, and then fill your favorite coffee in.

3:Tamp the cofee but do not press too tightly, and then cover the filter with Recaps aluminum foil.

4:Place the refill funnel on top of the empty filter, press it slightly against the lid, and turn clockwise 2 5:Remove the refill funnel and take the filter out to start your brew.

Specially designed for Refillable Coffee Filters

This holder is specifially designed for refillable coffee filters, Compatible with Nespresso original Pods, NOT Compatible with Dolce Gusto Pods, NOT Compatible with Vertuoline Pods.


1. Easy to use:

With this holder you can refill dozens of pods in advance shortly, safe and clean.

2. Save your money and save your time.

No need to say how wasteful and how expensive to buy repeat original pods, please use this holder and sticker to save money on better other valuable things.

3. Durable and not easily broken:

Made from BPA free PCTG plastic and stainless steel, life-time use we could say if you do not break it intentionally.

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