Espresso Disposable Coffee Caspules Pods Compatible with Nespresso Machines Fillable Espresso Coffee or Tea 120 Pcs White 1x Plastic Spoon and 1x Brush
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Some Coffees Can Set the Tone for A Quiet Moment of Reflection. Others are An Invitation to Enjoy Something Sweet. No Matter How Coffee Inspires You, You Can Try Different Coffee Grinds to Satisfy Your Every Taste, Every Time.

Very Easy to Use. Allows You Can Use Your Favorite Coffee Blends with Your Nespresso Machine.Everyone Can be in The Process of Testing Different Grinds for The Best Taste. Its Still not As Good as The Nespresso Pods But A Nice Alternative.

Use Step Attention 1

We Recommend Filling About 6-7g Grinds Fully to the Top, Leaving About 10% Space Which Will Give More Pressure to Produce A Better Espresso.

Use Step Attention 2

Using The Spoon to Press It into The Capsule. Do not Overfill, You Need to Leave A Little Bit of Space Between The Coffee and The Lid. You Then Place One of the Aluminum Caps on The Capsule and Then Tap it A Few Times to Make Sure It is not Pressed in Too Tightly.

Use Step Attention 3

Please Take One Step to Set The Silicon Ring Around The Top of The Capsule. Doing So Could Get You A Better Espresso with More Crema Instead of Watery Coffee at The First Seconds.

The Silicone Rings are Free, You can Buy Our Disposable Capsules and Put The Rubber Rings Together in The Shopping Cart.

Product Features:

1.Work for Nespresso Machines

Our capsules are Very Close to The Original One, Can Work for Most Nespresso Machines. 

2. The Espresso Coffee is Similar to the Original One.

Although It is not as Good as The Nespresso Pods, it is Also A Good Choice.


-We Recommend Using Medium or Fine Grinds Generally.

-Please Remember the Coffee Creama is Effected By the Quality and Freshness of The Coffee Grinds Used.

-Different Grinds Leads to Different Creama Generally , The Fine Grinds Produce A Little Better Creamy Coffee Than the Medium or Coarse One Based on The Same Brand.You Can Try Some LAVAZA , Illy or Some Other Brands Grinds to See the Difference.

-We Have Trid the Lavza and Illy Grinds , We Find it Produce Much Crema as The Original One.

3. Play with DIY and Make Different Flavors of Coffee.
-Disposable Pods is that You Get to Choose Your Own Coffee, and Save Some Cash While You're at it.

-It May Take a Little Experimentation to Find the Right Grind.

-We Can Choose Our Favorite Coffee Grind, and Brew Different Coffee Every Day, For Example: Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Cafe Mocha, Americano, Caffee Latte, Flat White, Espresso Con Panna, Caramel Latte,Irish Coffee,Viennese.

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