RECAPS Stainless Steel Refillable Capsule Reusable Pod Compatible with Illy Machines
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RECAPS Stainless Steel Refillable Coffee Capsule Compatible with Illy Machines

Start the day with a nice espresso and use our reusable coffee capsules instead of disposable ones to save money and the environment.Using our reusable coffee capsules, choose your favorite coffee powder so you can taste the flavor you like. Reusable coffee capsules are a must-have for coffee lovers.


1.Stainless Steel Material, Safe, Non-Toxic,It Do not Produce Harmful Substances, Health and Environmental Protection.
2.Can be Used Repeatedly, No Additional Waste Material.
3.Can be Filled with A Higher Quality of Coffee Powder, DIY a Variety of Flavors.
4.Compatible with: Illy Y3, Illy Y3.2, Cuisinart EM 600, Illy Francis Francis Y5, Illy X7, Cuisinart/Illy espresso maker, Francis y1.1, Illy X7.1, Illy Y1.1, Iperespresso.
5.Not Compatible with: Illy Francis Francis X2
6.Item Included: 1x Stainless Steel Refillable Capsule.


1. Be sure to use the rubber seal in the threads when tightening it, otherwise, it will leak.End result is, you get tiny amounts of coffee in your cup, but the trash tray gets water in it.

2.It is Important to experiment with correct amount of coffee and what grinds you use. Grinding the beans takes experimentation. Please do not want to over grind the beans into very fine almost like powder because that would clog up the capsule. But if you don't grind the beans enough then you don't extract enough flavor from this process.
Don't pack the grinds too hard, or it will fail to pass through the water, flash, and you have to power off/on the machine.
Don't pack the grinds enough, and your coffee will be very weak, just pack lightly.
The fine grinds produce a little better creamy coffee than the medium or coarse one based on the same brand.

3. Keep in mind, the machine has a pod discharge to drop discarded pods into the bin, so with the iperespresso stainless steel pod, it’s a bit weight to it, so catch it prior to allowing the machine to try and kick it out. It’s heavy so it may jam.

Actually, it does fit, although it requires a little torque. It makes good coffee and it is certainly more eco-friendly than the plastic capsules.

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