RECAPS Coffee Pod Kitchen Organizer Storage Holder Drawer Compatible with Vertuoline Stores 40 Coffee Capsules
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You will Great Pleasure from Opening This Drawer Each Morning on Those Wonderful Days You has Refilled the Drawer to See All the Colorful Capsules. It's a Great Solution to Storing Your Capsules If You are an Organized Person who Likes to Hide Away Clutter.

This is A Great Way to Store Your Pods Neatly and Out of the Way, Yet Very Handy. This Storage Tray Blends So well, It Almost Looks Like It's A Part of Your Machine. The Drawer Slides in and out Very Smoothly, Even when Full of Pods.

Holds 40 of the Classic Vertuoline Pods and Adds Very Little Vertical Height to The Unit Itself. Definitely Keeps Your Vettuoline Cups Very Organized without Taking up Extra Space in The Kitchen. A Must Have!

Smooth-Gliding Drawer

Holds 40 Capsules for Nespresso, Five Rows to Help Organize your Favourite Flavour. The Drawer Slides In and Out Very Smoothly, Even When Full of Pods.

Clean and Modern Design Perfect for Home or Office

What Better than One the Machine Sits on so You don't Take up More Counter Space. This is Really Fantastic. It is Solidly Built.

Space Saving Design to Allow Most Vertuoline Machines Site on It. Place your Single Serve Nespresso Coffee Machine on Top to Save Valuable Counter Space in Your Office or Home.

There is The Attractive Presentation of the Colorful Pods - Another Plus - Which Brightens the Space Lending An Artistic Touch of Color.

Made from Durable Cast Iron and Thinkness Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass Can Not Only See the Taste of the Coffee Capsule You Want, It Actually Makes the Drawer Feel more Open.

The Drawer is Sturdy and Easy to Pull out and in, As well as the Glass Top has A Nice Thickness, It is Well Sized to Hold the Nespresso Maker or the Sugar Bowls or Cups. It's to Sit Even, No Tilted Legs. It Keeps Your Counter Top Looking Organized.


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