RECAPS Stainless Steel Refillable Capsule Reusable Pod Compatible with Nespresso Vertuoline Machine Only 1 Filter
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RECAPS Stainless Steel Refillable Capsule Reusable Pods Compatible with Nespresso Vertuoline Machine

The original Vertuoline pods are costly for daily use and not good for the environment.Although you can reuse your original capsules, the shell of which is easily to be damaged and could just be used for several times.

That’s why we developed the stainless steel capsule compatible with the Vertuoline machines, which will help you save money, be good to the environment, and enjoy your favorite coffee.

We are happy to introduce you how to use it properly. It’s worth trying some times to get mastered in how to get a rich Espresso, which include learning which coffee grounds is better , how much it is packed into the pod, and how tightly should the ground be pressed, etc.

How to get a nice Espresso? Please take the following tips:

1)GRIND is Everything!

We recommend using medium or fine grinds generally. Please open a new original Nespresso Vertuoline pod, studying the grind in the pod. Or you can try some LAVAZZA , Illy or some other brands grinds to see the difference. We have tried the Lavazza and illy ground coffee , We found that the cream it produced is very similar to the original pod.

2)Pack and Press the coffee grind appropriately.

Please try several times to find the difference Espresso produced by using different Volume(usually 8-10g)of the coffee grinds in the pod, to get the best type you want.

Do not over grind the beans too fine which may come out a diluted Espresso.

Do not super press the coffee grinds like those who work in coffee shops with a commercial half-Manual Coffee Machine, just slightly press.


If the capsule is filled too full then the coffee expands and pushes the lid off during brewing. If it isn't filled enough the lid tears a larger than normal hole in the top when you close your Nespresso machine before brewing. In both cases, you can get some particles of coffee in your brew. You may also perhaps be using too fine of grind. My favorite and what works well for me is Lavazza Oro espresso pre ground. If you're still getting a bit of grind.don't take the last sip.


1.The capsule is made of #304 stainless steel,life-time use and environmentally friendly; The aluminum foil lid is made of 100% Food-Grade BPA Free Material with FDA certificate.
2.Free your taste needs with different favorite coffee grinds.
3.Save you much money instead of buying so many original capsules.
4.Enjoy the fun of coffee DIY. Compatible with: Vertuoline coffee machine series.

Item Included: Only 1 pod

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