Coffee Pod Holder Storage Drawer Compatible with Nespresso Coffee Capsules Kitchen Organizer Black Holds 60 Capsules
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Coffee Pod Holder Storage Drawer Compatible with Nespresso

This Great Space Saving Coffee Pod Storage Drawer Lets you Easily Store and Access Your Favourite Coffee Pods without Using up Precious Worktop Space.


It Fits A Large Number of Capsules, Both the Nespresso Machine, and The Frother, and A Couple of Coffee Cups Fit Perfectly on Top of This Drawer. And It is Such an Elegant Solution to Store The Nespresso Capsules. Can Store Even More if You Put Them on The Diagonal. 

This is A Beautiful and Well-made, Quality Item. The Glass is Tempered, Thick and Makes the Storage Tray Look Very Good. Because It is Black, It goes Well with Many Kitchen Designs.

It does Look Very Pretty with All the Different Volors and Everything Stays in One Place, As Each Capsule has It's Own Little Space to Sit into, not Like Just Dumping Them into Any Old Container where They Would Get Crushed! 

It's Like Opening A Present to Yourself Every Morning!


1.Holds 60 Capsules for Compatible with Nespresso,Five Rows to Help Organize your Favourite Flavours.

2.Dimensions: 16.5"L x 12.6" W x 2.8" H.

3.Maximizes Counter Space,Minimizes Mess.

4.Place your Nespresso Machine on Top to Save Valuable Counter Space.

5.Item Included: 1x Capsule Drawer Compatible with Nespresso.


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