Espresso Tamper 51mm Solid Iron with Chrome Plated Base | Wooden Handle Barista Espresso Coffee Tamper Flat Base 51mm Espresso Base Coffee Bean Press
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Coffee Tamper Barista Espresso Tamper 51mm Base Coffee Bean Press

Solid Iron with Chrome Plated Base, Pressure Well-Distributed and Labor-Saving.

With this Prefect Pressure You will Have a Prefect Shoot, Even Pressed Coffee Grind.


1. Durable and Practical

2. Convenient to Grip and Press

3. Great Helper to Extract Coffee

4. Comfortable and Labor-saving and Very Easy to Force

5. Made of High Quality Solid Iron Material, No Rust and Long Life

6. Suitable for Tamping Fresh Ground Espresso Before Brewing

7. Diameter of Base: 58mm, Height: 90mm, Weight: about 570g

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